Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time at home coming to an end...

Well, tonight is my last night at home and then I start the fun trek back to the east coast to Maryland at about 0600. Then, I get to sit in Chicago for about 9 hrs at the Amtrak station to wait for my train to head to DC tomorrow night. That should be tons of fun. Wish me luck that I can check my luggage and have one less thing to worry about. lol

Well, I've enjoyed spending time with my family this trip, but didn't get to see Mom very much. Unfortunately she got sick and couldn't come out much and I am not very mobile, so a trip to her house didn't work until the last day after the rain had FINALLY cleared out some of the snow and ice. I guess she'll just have to come to see me when it warms up! :-) Not being able to drive anywhere or get around has made it impossible to see any friends, either. Stacy probably thinks I've completely abandoned her since I haven't seen her and Brandon and Rebecca the last two trips home. I still love ya, Stac! It's just been a tough couple of trips! I promise next time we'll get together. Baylee wants to play with Rebecca again, anyway, so I promised her we would in the Spring when I come to get Sasha.

As for the rest of you, sorry I didn't get to see you all! Hopefully we'll be able to do a get together when I'm home in the spring so we can all catch up! In the mean time, take care of yourselves and let me know what's going on in your lives!

Love to you all,

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Barb said...

Been thinking about you - we just got home and I was checking everyone's blogs for updates! Best wishes on your trip home - wish I could do something to make it easier on you!
Safe Travels...