Sunday, December 21, 2008

Staying at my sister's...

Well, after staying at Daddy's for a couple of days, yesterday I got to go see Gram for a while on the way to my sister, Dee's. I'll be here for a couple of days now before going back to Gladstone. Getting up the drive here yesterday was lots of fun since it was covered in ice! I abandoned the crutches and gave them to Daddy and held his arm while my niece, Baylee, held my other hand and I hopped up the hill on my good foot! That had to be a comical site for the neighbors! lol Once we finally got inside, I headed to the couch, which has become my latest hang out. My adorable kitty, Sasha, who has been staying with Dee and Baylee since I went to Ethiopia, has been here with me most of the time! I miss her!

It was really great to see my niece and sister again since it's been a few months! I always spend as much time as I can in both Davenport with Dee, Baylee, Mom and Pops and in Gladstone with Daddy and Jayne when I come home. Baylee usually goes wherever I go as long as she's not in school. Hopefully she'll go back to Gladstone with us tomorrow. Then we'll be there for a couple of days and then on Christmas Eve we'll come back up here for a couple more days and then I'll finish out my trip back in Gladstone so Daddy can take me back to the train on the 29th. It's always lots of back and forth when I come home.

Yesterday was a pretty lazy day, as I read a lot of the day and then Baylee and I played Connect 4 for what seemed like hours last night. Then I watched Notting Hill a couple of times before falling asleep. I just love that movie! Then, this morning I have been on the computer trying to catch up on some email and other stuff. I figured I'd drop in and leave an update on things for everyone. By the way, the foot seems to be doing pretty good. I've been walking on it a little each day and it hasn't been hurting, so that's a good thing. Tuesday I get to finally take the big bandage off and go to a smaller one for a while. That will be nice!

Well, I'm gonna go for now and get some more stuff done online. Hope you're all enjoying time with family and loved ones!

With love,

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