Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Soon" definitely wasn't the right word...

OK - so maybe I shouldn't have said I'd be posting soon....maybe I should have just said "when I get some time" and it would have been more accurate. So, life is pretty busy here in wonderful San Antonio. I'm getting settled into my new job and am enjoying being back in a leadership position and working so closely with Soldiers again! I've definitely missed it for the past few years while I focused on me and my technical skills. I'll be happy to put them to work in the future, but for now I'm truly enjoying being a Platoon Sergeant again! I'm also LOVING being back in Texas! Sure, it's hot and sticky most days, but I spend most of my time inside of an air-conditioned building so it's not so bad, I guess.

Sasha is loving the new house! She runs around like a crazy cat and spends lots of time all sprawled out on the floor like she owns the place and allows me to live with her! There must be something about this carpet that she likes because she's never been like that before...well, the sprawling out part anyway! It's pretty much always been her world and she allows me to co-exist with her! But I love her, so what am I gonna do!

Well, I'm getting older, too, as I celebrated my 36th birthday this week. It was, and has been for years, just another day for me, but my Squad Leaders decided to make it special for me. They proceeded to blow up a TON of balloons and COMPLETELY filled every space in my little desk/cubicle area! It was pretty funny, actually! When I walked in all I could see was balloons! I don't know how many there were, but when we moved them all out to the part of the office where there's open floor and space, we had our very own balloon pit that we could have jumped in! It looked like those little areas for kids that are filled with the little colorful balls that they play in, only it was balloons. It was a nice start to the day, actually!

Alas, the house is still a disaster, because I haven't really done much of anything to it since I started working. Hopefully in the next week or two I can start cutting back on the hours I spend in the office and get home at a more normal time and have the energy to get going on the house again. I need to get crackin' on that garage, too, as there's sooooo much stuff crammed in it right now! At least Daddy re-arranged all the boxes for me while he was here so my car fits in the garage! That's a definite bonus with the sun beating down on us here!

I think I'll sign off for now, but I wanted to at least give a little bit of an update. I hope to get on here more often once I get more settled. I hope you're all have a blessed and wonderful summer and I hope to hear from you all soon!

With love to you all,