Sunday, April 15, 2012

Howdy everyone!!!

Yep - I've done it again! It's been ages since my last update. I've been working at Rudy's for nearly 3 months now and it certainly keeps me busy. I enjoy it, but don't feel like I get much time off anymore. So much for being retired! lol I've been off the last 2 days (had to call in sick on Sat!) due to my allergies acting up pretty bad - the worst I think they've ever been, actually. Sure hasn't been much fun. Hopefully it will let up soon, as I already spent Sat and one day off in bed and hate to think tomorrow will be more of the same! So, say a little prayer that things get much better tonight while I'm sleeping! :-)

Well, I'm off now to try to finish up my taxes if I can stay awake long enough to do so! Yes, I know, I always wait until the last minute for them...not sure why since I always get money back. Insane - I know!

Hope you all have a great week ahead! If you are in San Antonio and head out to the Valero Texas Open, be sure to swing by the Rudy's booth and say hello - I'll be there from Wed-Sun all day long!
God Bless,