Thursday, December 18, 2008


Well, I haven't been around in a while because of getting ready to come home and then the insane trip home. When I arrived in Galesburg last night all I wanted was something to eat and a bath! Then I crashed. So, I just wanted to drop in for a quick update of the past several days.

When I went back to the doc on Monday, she was pleased with the reduction in swelling and bid me a fond farewell for the holidays with her blessing to take my trip home the next day. So, after an adventure on AMTRAK - long story short, crutches and upper level on the train aren't a good combination. A word to the wise, REQUEST LOWER LEVEL if you ever need to take the train and aren't very mobile! Apparently when the nice gentleman on the phone told me he had taken care of everything I needed for my trip, he forgot about the fact that you had to request lower level and have it put on your ticket! So that was tons of fun! Then when I got to Galesburg, thank God Daddy was where I could see him because I had to motion him down to help with the luggage because the only "assistance" in Galesburg meant the man behind the ticket counter had to close the window and come help - no luggage cart, no wheelchair, nothing! So, Daddy helped with the luggage and I walked VERY SLOWLY on the ice covered sidewalk to get inside the train station! Fun, fun, fun!

Anyway, I finally got in the truck, we grabbed McDonald's since I hadn't eaten in about 28 hours and headed home so I could take a bath! I finally got a pretty good night's sleep for the first time in a week and woke up today feeling rather refreshed! (I hadn't slept much on the train thanks to the man behind me that decided to snore VERY LOUDLY so I couldn't sleep on the train! lol)

Then, today I went with Daddy to see his doc who put in the stents and tell him thank you for taking care of him. The doc said everything was fine and gave the go ahead for life as it was to do whatever he wanted. Jayne said it was a good thing since he'd already been doing that! After that, we went upstairs to see my aunt who is in the hospital, and my uncle. It was great to see them after so long and get a chance to visit for a bit. After all that running around, we came home to await the storm that is supposed to be headed this way. So far, just a little rain and some sleet, but nothing too bad yet. We'll see what it looks like when I wake up in the morning!

Niters all,

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