Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day after surgery...

Howdy all! I just thought I'd post a quick note today. Surgery went well and I'm resting at my friend, Barb's house. She and her husband, Bill, have been so good to me and I could never thank them enough! I'm so blessed to have such wonderful and caring friends! Plus, now Mom doesn't have to worry because she knows Barb and what a great friend she is to me. 

I've been sleeping off and on since yesterday after surgery. I fell asleep on the way home from the clinic and missed lots of excitement, apparently. There were lots of traffic issues everywhere and the driver of an 18 wheeler was running from police. Thank God that we weren't on that part of the beltway! He ended up running his truck into a tree and they got him. There's always something crazy going on out here, that's for sure.

Once we got home, Barb got all of the stuff brought in and helped me in, too. Then we just relaxed downstairs for a while and had dinner. Shortly after dinner,  I decided to head to bed and get some sleep - the meds were starting to kick in and I was dozing in the recliner! ha

Today has been much of the same - dozing off every now and then. Hopefully in a little while I'll be awake enough to get out of bed and venture downstairs. Who knows? It depends on how my foot is feeling, I guess. I haven't experienced any pain yet, to speak of, but because of the angle that my ankle is at from all of the bandages, it's starting to ache a bit. So, I just keep repositioning my foot to alleviate the strain.

So, all is well for now! I hope you are all well, too, and have a great day!



Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny May, so glad you are doing ok after surgery. I have been thinking about you and as always wish you the best.

love ya

Jenny-May said...

Thanks, Rosie! It means a lot! Love you, too!

Tina Sutton- Missgingerdots said...

Jenny May:

So glad you are doing well. I have been checking on you through Barb. Rest and Relax while you can. Sending get well thoughts.


Jenny-May said...

Thanks, Tina! So far, so good! I just wish my fat toes would go back to normal! lol