Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Updates from San Antonio...

sort of, anyway. Not much new going on, unfortunately. Still crutchin' or rollin' around with my cast. Counting the days til 8 Dec when I go back in and will hopefully get it off, at least for the exam and stuff. Not sure what will happen then if they'll put on another or that will be it and I'll start the physical therapy portion.Once that starts, I'm probably looking at 6 months to a year before I'm fully healed and recovered and back on the court. I hope I'm back on the court, anyway!

I know I'm certainly getting very tired of dealing with this stupid cast! More than tired of bumming rides from people, too! I want my independence back! lol

Well, off for now, but wanted to give a quick update! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Love and Hugs to all,

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