Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back from the doc...again...

and he said after reviewing the MRI that the tendon is already starting to heal on it's own, so he didn't recommend surgery. He said he didn't really think going in now was the best idea. Maybe if they had done the MRI when I first injured it, he would have recommended it, but 2 weeks later when it's already starting to heal, he didn't think it was my best option. He felt that casting it and letting it finish healing was a better choice and then we'll see what happens.

He said that, after it heals, if 6 months down the road or so I'm still not happy with the progress or how things are going, then we could always do surgery then and mentioned something about using a portion of another tendon in the same area to replace the damaged portion....I don't know - didn't really follow exactly what he said about it. I just know that for right now he recommended letting it continue to heal in a cast and then doing physical therapy and stuff.

He said it could take 6 months to a year for full recovery. I'm soooooo hoping that it doesn't take so long! I'll be going crazy by then if it's still not back to normal, or as close to normal as possible, anyway! lol So, for now I'm on "bed rest" for 72 hrs and then I can go back to work on Mon. He put in a consult for me to get a Roll-a-bout, which is one of the little things you can rest your injured leg on and push with the good leg to get around. It should make things a little easier to get around than the crutches are. Hopefully it does the trick.

I definitely have to be careful with the swelling because I can't just loosen the bandage now! lol So, that's where things stand for now and I go back to see him again in 3 weeks. I'm hoping that this will be healed and I'll be moving well enough to be able to come home for Christmas with no issues and still be able to bring Baylee back with me for a week. By then I should be doing pretty good, so I don't foresee any problems.

Just say a little prayer for a quick, full recovery!

Love and Hugs to All,

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