Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back from the doc...

and it looks like surgery is probably in my future. I'm getting ready to do some research to see what I can come up with, but the Physicians Assistant that I saw today makes me wonder. He came in to talk to me after the ultrasound and while they were re-splinting my foot and said, "So, what kind of activity level would you like to have in the future?" O actually looked at him rather dumbfounded and said, "Well, I'd like to be able to do everything I've always done." He then wanted to know to what level I am athletically active and what I want to be able to do....if I was a runner or what. I thought to myself, you do see that I'm lying here in a uniform, right????? Wow - I was amazed at the question! I told him it would be nice to be able to play volleyball again and basketball and if I decided to go for a run to be able to do that, too! lol

Apparently, part of the decision whether or not to do surgery is how active someone wants to be afterward, because healing in a splint only has a 10-15% chance of re-occurrence of the injury, but healing from surgery drops that to 5-10%.So, I'm hoping at this point that they go ahead with the surgery so I'm better off in the future. I was just so flabbergasted at his asking that question to an active duty Soldier! It made for something to laugh at later with the Soldier who was driving me back home, but sure made for a shocked expression from me when first asked! lol

So, that's the story for now - hopefully I'll know for sure what's going on with surgery on Thursday morning. Say a little prayer and wish me the best!

Love and Hugs,

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