Thursday, January 8, 2009

Heading to Texas...

So, after being sick in bed all week, I finally went back to work today...and found out I'm going to Texas next week! lol  So, just a quick note to let everyone know that I'll be in San Angelo Mon-Thurs and San Antonio Thurs-Sat(or Mon). It's just a quick trip for work and I'm hoping to stay in San Antonio a couple of days to check out the area I'm supposed to be moving to in April.

I hope this finds everyone well and enjoying the new year and that it's getting off to a GREAT start for you all!


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Rachel said...

Hey JM! A friendly face from the other side of the world here.....You sent me this link AGES ago and I have just been going through my email and found it! Will keep you on my list fact I have my own blog too but am not that flash at doing it daily either! (MullinsMusings) Pleased you had a good holiday - even with the foot! and I laughed at your adventures with AmTrack (Note to self: request lower level)
Anyway hope the move to TX goes smoothly

KiwiJaxFan (who else?)