Friday, January 16, 2009

So, I'm down on the River Walk at the Crowne Plaza, until tomorrow when I move to the Best Western. I'm not overly impressed with this place, so I'm gonna head somewhere a bit cheaper when I'm on my dime! lol Last night I met up with 2 friends that I wasn't able to spend much time with in San Angelo and they happen to be here in San Antonio for a conference. So, we headed down to the River Walk and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Then we headed back to the hotels - they walked me towards mine and then headed to theirs.

So far, so good with San Antonio, but tomorrow I will venture out a bit and see what the area is like and see if I can find an area I want to live in. Wish me luck! lol



Dore' said...

Hey, I have friends moving to San Antonio soon.

It must be a happening place.

Jenny-May said...

Yeah, it's pretty nice! You'll have to come visit us all!