Thursday, November 15, 2018

30 Days of Thanksgiving

Nov 14, 2018 - Today I am thankful for my beautiful girls, Bella and Sasha, who are my reason for getting out of bed some days...literally! lol  I am so blessed to have been chosen as their mommy and to have been able to "rescue" them both, but I'm really the one who was rescued, I think. They keep me on my toes and show so much unconditional love! We humans could learn so very much from our 4 legged fur babies, if we just would! As I sit here writing this and getting ready for bed, I'm listening to Bella softly snore while she's all curled up in her bed. As soon as I'm done, I'll take her out for one last trip in the cold and then come in and tell her it's time for night-night and she'll head to her crate, while making sure I'm following behind to tuck her in...such a goofy girl she is! Such a blessed mommy I am!!!

God Bless you all,

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