Saturday, December 12, 2009

No longer in a cast...

Finally, I am out of the cast! YAY!!! Still not walking, but on my way. I can start adding weight little by little in 7 more days! Looks like Christmas will be touch, but at least I'll be home. Then Baylee and Daddy are coming to San Antonio with me for a week. That will be nice to have them here. Hopefully my foot will be feeling OK and I'll be up to exploring San Antonio at Christmas, and the surrounding area. There are tons of things to do, so I'm hoping that I'm feeling up to seeing them all! lol

I go back to the doc on 5 Jan and then will hopefully start physical therapy shortly thereafter so I can get this healing process under way. So far the foot is still pretty stiff - will just take some time to get the movement back, so I guess I have to be patient. Uh-oh, not my strong point! lol Wish me luck!

Love and hugs,

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